2023 Current Tax Digest and 5 Year History of Levy

PURCHASE ENGRAVED BRICK FOR NEW COURTHOUSE Since the creation of Toombs County on August 18, 1905, there have been three courthouses built. The first one was completed in the Fall of 1907. Due to fire, a subsequent courthouse was completed and occupied on February 2, 1920. It would be forty-five years later when the current courthouse was completed in August 1965. Fifty eight years later, Toombs County will complete the fourth courthouse in our one hundred eighteen year history. You can be a part of this historical event by purchasing an engraved brick that will be placed on the grounds of the new courthouse for $100.00/brick.


Instructions for Engraved Brick 1. The county supplies the 8”x4” standard brick 2. No more than three lines of text —no more than 13 spaces per line 3. Use All Capital Letters 4. You will be given a copy of the proof that you authorized. 5. We are not responsible for errors in inscriptions that are not corrected on the signed proof, and you will be responsible for all charges related to correcting the error. 6. Toombs County reserves the right to reject any proposed inscription that Toombs County deems inappropriate or not within the intended purpose of this project determined exclusively by Toombs County.

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