Ambulance Stations



station1Station #1 is located near Meadows Regional at 509 Maple Drive in Vidalia. This is our Headquarters with a 4 hour crew and a 12 hour day crew staffed there. The primary area of coverage for this station is Vidalia, Lyons, Normantown, and East Toombs and Petross. Transfers are also handled from station #1.

station2Station #2 is located at the Cedar Crossing Fire Department in the South End of Toombs County. It is staffed by a 24 hour crew. It Provides coverage to Cedar Crossing, Marvin Yancey, New Branch, Johnson Corner, South Thompson, Toombs Central, Uvalda, Alston, Charlottesville, Longpond, and the rest of the lower portions of both Counties.

station3Station #3 is located in central Montgomery County in the McGregor Community, just behind the Georgia Forestry Commission Lookout Tower. It is Staffed by a 24 Hour Crew. Station 3 covers, Mount Vernon, Ailey, Higgston, Tarrytown, Kibbee, and the rural area in the upper two thirds of Montgomery County.


 Under the combined efforts of the Commissioners of both Toombs and Montgomery Counties, the Toombs Montgomery Ambulance Service provides 911 EMERGENCY Medical Services to both Counties from three Stations. 

During peak demand times Station #3 provides back-up to Station #1.

Responding to 911 calls is OUR PRIORITY.

Our citizens we serve are #1. We do not compromise or jeopardize the health and welfare of our patients. We carefully select our crews and ensure that every ambulance has an advanced life support crew and equipment.

Toombs County Commission
P.O. Box 112
Lyons, Georgia 30436
Phone:  912 526 3311
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